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January 15, 2020by William Rilenge

I currently have 2 Bengal Cats and a Parrot I am sitting/boarding.

I love playing with the dogs and treating them as my own while I have them. I keep Cedar Mulch in the Dogs yard so no dirt to lay on. I do poop detail every few hours to keep yard healthy and clean.  I washout water buckets as often as necessary throughout the day.

I charge $18.00 for Doggie Daycare and $25.00 over night for dogs. Cats $21.00 per night. I offer discounted rates for lengthy stays or 2 or more dogs.

I love what I do and spend lots of one on one time with your animal. I send video and photo updates every few hours so you know your dog/cat is happy and well taken care of.

I am home 98% of the time. I have a YMCA 55 minute workout 6 days a week, a Freshfield Farms run or a quick trip to Walmart other than that I am home with the animals.